July Progress

We've had some success in July with the planned sessions. Four have been held so far and the orchard is looking much better for all the work.

If you're passing come and admire the bench, under the pergola, and sit awhile. Thanks to Julie for putting the bench in.

We've also now got two large compost bins and thanks largely to Richard the dreaded weed pile is no more.  We're wet composting the pernicious weeds (couch grass, bindweed, dock, creeping thistle etc.) and composting the annual weeds.

The trees are doing well, and more volunteers are always welcome to come and help out.

More July sessions are planned:

Weekend date 12.30-2.30 Sunday 29th July (Claire leading)

Weekday evening 6.30-8 pm Monday 30th July (Debbie leading)

Telephone numbers for session leaders:

Claire 07989 962 916
Debbie 07719 625 725

As ever, thanks to all you hardworking volunteers.

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