Open Day - 19th August 2012

OTAGS held an Open Day on Sunday 19th August. There were Scarecrows to see as well as pizzas from the new Cob Oven... and of course Orchard 49 to visit. Sadly we didn't have a brilliant day for it.  But we were there and here are some photos I took of some of the trees that we grafted ourselves in 2010. You can see that they are with fruit.  Two are being grown as cordon trees - trained to grow in a small space. In our case along the path fence line. Equally they could be grown along a sunny wall in your back yard.

Apple - Burr Knot - Cordon Tree

Apple - Laxton Superb - growing as a bush tree

Apple Minshull Crab - cordon (its not a crab apple).
We are very much learning about how to train the trees. So you can see with the minshull crab cordon we actually have two stems, as it grew that way, so we're letting ti grow along two stems rather than one. Peter Nichol from the Northern Fruit Group is helping us learn how best to train the trees.

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