Our Trees

This page provides details of the trees and soft fruit that we have planted over the period 2010-2014. In total to date there are 55 different varieties of top fruit on the orchard. The majority are Apple, but we also have Pear, Cherry, Fig, Gage, Damson, Plum and Quince. Plus some soft fruit (blackberries, blueberries, gooseberries and raspberries).

In March 2010 OTAGS ran a grafting workshop. Using material collected from a local Community Orchard in Timperley, a trainer from the Northern Fruit Group and rootstock from Matthews we created around 50 new trees.  It was an inspirational process, even for the most seasoned gardeners and we were very pleased with the success rate (around 90% were successful).  Some of the trees were taken away to be planted elsewhere.

 The Orchard 49 trees were planted in their final situation in the orchard in February-March 2011 during their dormant period.  All the trees are heritage varieties, mostly local and this is a list of what we grafted:

Allington Pippen (grafted by Natalie),
Ashmeads Kernel (grafted by Pete),
Bee Bench (grafted by Alice Williams),
Bossom (grafted by Sue),
Burr Knot (grafted by Natalia),
Crispin (grafted by Victor),
D'Arcy Spice (grafted by Natalia),
Downton Pippin (grafted by Natalia),
Eccleston Pippin (grafted by Alice Williams),
Lemon Pippin (grafted by Syd),
Laxton's Superb (grafted by Austin),
Lord Derby (grafted by Natalia),
Lord Lambourne (grafted by Natalia),
Lord Suffield (grafted by Peter Nichol),
Minshull Crab (grafted by Teresa),
Plot 52 (variety on the allotment site grafted by Pete)
Queen Cox (grafted by Teresa),
Stripped Beefing (grafted by Victor),
Tydeman's Early Worcester (grafted by Alice Williams),
Withington Welter (grafted by Pete)
Yorkshire Cockpit (grafted by Syd).

In addition to the trees we grafted ourselves we have also purchased:

Duke of Devonshire,
Flower of the Town,
Greenup's Pippin,
Keswick Codling,
Ladies Finger of Lancaster,
Ribston Pippin,
Tydeman's Late Orange.

and grafted locally by Peter Nichol :
Fillingham Pippin,
Grandpa Buxton.

During Winter 2011-12 we planted:
Apple - Acklam Russet
Apple - Balsam
Apple - Dog's Snout
Apple - Golden Spire
Apple - Hunt House
Apple - Merlin's
Apple - New Bess Pool
Apple - Newton Wonder
Apple - Rosemary Russet
Apple - Sisson's Worksop Newton

Cherry - Morello
Cherry - Stella

Pear - Beth
Pear - Onward
Quince - Portugal

During the winter of 2013-14 we planted:

Apple -  Crab Dartmouth Maiden
Apple - Blenheim Orange (grafted by us)
Apple - Bountiful (grafted by us)

Pear - Concorde (grafted by us)
Pear - Conference (grafted by us)
Pear - Doyenne du Commice (grafted by us)

Stone Fruit
Damson - Shropshire Prune
Gage - Denniston's Superb
Gage - Golden Transparent
Plum - Marjorie's Seedling

Soft Fruit
Raspberry Glen Ample
Raspberry Polka
Blueberry - Blue Crop
Blueberry - Coville