Orchard work sessions in July

Despite our best efforts, the very frequent wet weather has meant that the orchard is somewhat weedy and we need to sort it out!  Claire and I have looked at our diaries and will run some work sessions at weekends and during the evening to address this. Hope some of you will be able to spare an hour or so now and then to join us.

As always these sessions are dependant on the weather. 

Aside from getting the weeds sorted (which shouldn't take long, with a group of us) we have some compost bins to assemble - this will mean an end to the weed pile - hurrah. 

We can also do some summer pruning and should take fruit that have formed off the trees, as they need to put all their energy into developing a strong root system.

Weekend Dates 12.30-2.30 Sundays (Claire leading)
1st July
15th July
29th July

Weekday evenings 6.30-8 pm Mondays (Debbie leading)
2nd July
9th July
16th July (provisional date - needs a volunteer to lead this session)
23rd July
30th July

Telephone numbers for session leaders:

Claire 07989 962 916
Debbie 07719 625 725

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