March 2014 Planting Days

We held two planting days in March, and were blessed with dry days. By the end of the two days we had planted:


Crab Apple Dartmouth - this is to help with overall pollination of the apple trees on the orchard
*Blenheim Orange


* grafted by us at a workshop in 2012
Stone Fruit
Damson Shropshire Prune 
Gage Denniston's Superb
Gage Golden Transparent
Plum Marjorie's Seedling

These are all maiden trees so it will take a while before we can harvest the fruit.

Soft Fruit
Raspberry Glen Ample (x 10) (summer fruiting)
Raspberry Polka (x 10) (autumn fruiting)

We also need to build a raised bed to put two blueberry bushes in - as these were in pots getting them in the ground wasn't so crucial. The varieties are: Coville and Bluecrop.

This means the orchard is almost full. We have a little bit of space along a fence line with the bakery, but its nearly full.

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