Sewa Volunteer Day - 6th October 2013

In August I was contacted by Hemma Mistry to ask if we could host a group of 15-20 volunteers on the Orchard.  Sewa Day is a national event where people give a day of their time volunteering on a community project. Hemma had seen the display we put up in Unicorn Grocery and got in touch through that.

And so it came to pass that we were delighted to host this group of volunteers.  There is always plenty to do on the orchard, but the main concern was what would we do if the weather was poor?  We needn't have worried as the sun shone brightly for us all day.

We did lots of clearing of weeds on the orchard, planted some narcissus and primroses and built half of a raised bed, which will be planted with more trained trees and soft fruit between November and February. We also constructed bug boxes to sell to raise money for the orchard, these were filled and painted by the children who came on the day.

Here are some photos from the day.

Group photo :)
Building the raised bed

Bug boxes filled and painted by the children

Taking a break in the sunshine.
 To all the wonderful volunteers, thank you for choosing Orchard49 for your day of volunteering, please come again, you were fabulous.

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