Cob Oven workshop April 2012

On Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st April a group of plotholders and local people came together to learn how to build a cob oven on the allotment site. Local Food funded the 2 day workshop, which was run by Annabel from Earthed .  The workshop ran from 9-5 on two days, so everyone who participated put in hours of hard labour.

The photos here show the oven in its final form. Its full of sand right now, but once its dry this will come out and it can be fired up.  More photos of the whole process of making the oven can be viewed here.

The oven is going to be a huge asset, as we can bake pizza, bread and other things in it - which will be great for open days and socialising on the site.
Sculpture with a nature/orchard theme

See the apple with a visitor?

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