Grafting Workshop March 2012

Saturday 10th March 2012 saw us hosting another grafting workshop at the allotment site.  We welcomed friends from Rylands Kitchen Garden, a community allotment project in Longford Park along to make some trees as part of the Longford Park Centenary celebrations.  We also hosted Anna visiting from Glossop who is developing a communty allotment, plus 4 Orchard volunteers, and Rob from Moss Brook Growers who was attending to graft some Morello Cherries.

The session was run by Tom Adams from Shropshire.  It will take a while to know if our efforts have been successful, but we had a wonderful day learning how. The session was funded by a Local Food grant.

Here are some photos of Tom and participants busy grafting pear, apple and cherry.
Lorna taping up the graft point

Anna  cutting the rootstock

Hilary using a handing tool to graft

Claire tidying up her scion before joining it to the rootstock

Tom taping up the graft point on a cherry

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