More volunteers!

At a recent OTAGS committee meeting we discussed the lack of progress / scale of the task to clear the orchard plot so that we can plant some trees in the winter. The problem is that most people need to spend all available time getting to grips with their own plot - so finding time for the orchard along with all your other commitments is hard. SO, we thought it might be worth contacting people on our waiting list (which is 52 and growing) to see if anyone would be interested in getting involved. Our rationale for this was that it's a community project and would also give people an insight into what is involved in bringing an over grown allotment into cultivation once more. The orchard plot is certainly over grown - at times digging you seem to unearth more bindweed than soil!

We had a very encouraging response to our email - 14 people got in touch and said they'd be interested in coming to help and we held our first regular session on Saturday 13th June. Five volunteers came and worked really hard for 2-3 hours, so hard in fact it was a job getting them to stop! Everyone enjoyed being out in the sunshine (good weather always helps!).

We'll be hosting sessions every Thursday evening and on Saturday (11-2) through the summer.

You can see photos of the orchard by following this link: Orchard photos

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