Global Exchange Community Action Day

Its been a while since I wrote anything about our progress on the orchard. We've had a clearance weekend (early May Bank holiday) and on Saturday 16th May we had a group of 14 people from Global Exchange who came to help. We spent from 11-2 pm working on the site (before the rain came down in sheets) and made a dent on the weeds. There was iron work buried in the ground and shards of glass surrounding the roots of weeds so it was slow work. The photo at the bottom of this post shows how much was cleared by the end of the session - which just goes to show how much work we have ahead of us, as we won't have 14 willing volunteers digging again (until the next Global Exchange group in Manchester perhaps!).

The photo in this post is of the team of volunteers who came to help. Thanks very much for all your help and enthusiasm.

Credits are:

Left to right, back row (standing): Claire Ord, Dave Rose (host home), Sehrish Naseem, Michael Cresham, Shahzada Aamir, Hannah Nunn, Riaz Hussain, Shaista Bano.

Left to right, middle row (two girls stooping):Laura Gisby, Rabia Naz Alvi.

Left to right, front row (squatting):Mark Waters, Natalie Baker, Ali Hassan, Maria Jabeen, Sarwat Sughra.

The extent of our progress with 14 people digging and clearing on 16th May. The whole area is approximately 440 sq metres so there is a great deal still to do!

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