Regular evening work sessions resume

The evenings are light enough for the regular evening work sessions to resume. We've changed the date from a Monday to Thursday, so hope to see some people who weren't able to make Mondays.

During the first session last Thursday Debbie and Lorna were busy tying in the raspberry canes, tidying up the grape vines and thornless blackberry plants that climb up the pergola. We also weeded amongst the trees grafted in March and put some bamboo canes and string around the nursery bed to alert people to the tiny trees.  The majority of the trees grafted have taken, so next May we will be able to sell these to raise some money for Orchard maintenance.

One of the grafted trees
These sessions run from 6.30 - 8 pm.  Do come and lend a hand, even if  you only have half an hour to spare.  Aside from anything else, given how healthy the raspberry canes look, we're going to need plenty of people to pick and eat the fruit so none is wasted.

Some other orchard images to entice you down to lend a hand....
Baby pears

The fruit arch - the trees are growing well

Pergola and bench

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