Work session 25th October 2014

Another successful work session today, led by Claire McAllen. Thanks to Richard, Pete, Claire C, Damien and Charlie for coming along, it was a great turnout ensuring all the jobs got done. 

There was some construction work - a raised bed pre cut, drilled etc. by Claire McAllen for the two blueberry plants.  They need a bed all for themselves as they require ericacous compost and it is a task that we've not got round to all year - so great to have got them in the ground finally. Now they can properly spread their roots and get productive.

Before planting

After planting

Another long standing task was to put a support structure up for the raspberry canes that were planted in March.  This really shoud have been done before the canes went it, but we didn't have time or the people power to do it at that time... here are a couple of pictures of this work.

Raspberry canes and support structure

Claire tying the canes to the wire supports

During the session the apple and pear trees were given a fruit tree grease treatment to prevent codling moth and inevitably weeding was also done! 

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