Work session on 7th July

We were three this evening and got busy with:

  • uncovering a mound of manure which had rather a large number of weeds growing in it
  • more pruning of trees to encourage fruit buds to form (many more trees to do)
  • pruning one of the grape vines (variety Brant for those interested in such things)
  • finishing fitting tree protection to the trees on the fruit arch, so the trunks don't get strimmed
  • weeding around the base of one of the large trees we inherited
  • picking up quince tree leaves - to try and stop blight from re-occuring (Quince Portugal)
  • taking some photos of some of the trees.  Mainly (Quince excepted) they are looking great and growing really well. 

Apple: Plot 52

Apple: Ladies Finger of Lancaster

Not all top fruit - Blackberry Chester

Apple: Withington Welter

Apple: Yorkshire Cockpit
Quince Portugal with blighted leaves
Quince Portugal without blighted leaves

 Thanks to Lorna, Pete and Debbie for their time.

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