Work days and sheds

We are having a work weekend 19th-20th March to plant the trees bought from a specialist nursery - we only have a little time left to get this done as the trees need planting in their dormant season.

If you're interested in coming along we'll be there from 11-2 pm Saturday and 11-1.30 Sunday. Lots to do, so if you can spare an hour do come. There will be soup and bread on offer to warm you up if its cold. If the weather is kind we may do all the trees on Saturday, but there is lots more to get on with on Sunday.

Other news - we now have a shed. A big thank you to Julie, Trisha and Chris who levelled the ground, laid the slabs and put up the shed. This means that we have a place to keep orchard bits and bobs, plus a shelter from the elements. It needs some guttering and a water butt is on the way so we'll have some stored water to keep the trees happy when its dry.

Hope to see you on the orchard soon.

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